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St. Catherine’s Monastery Spiritual Tour

 St. Catherine’s Monastery is located  of about 230 KM away  from the Sharm el-Sheikh city

it is the oldest monastery in the world that is still preserved till now , 

It was built on the order  of Empress Helen,the  mother of Emperor Constantine in 330 AD, but the Emperor Justinian is the person who actually built in around 527 AD and it took 38 years to be finished  .

St. Catherine’s Monastery considered the convent destination for global pilgrims since the Middle Ages

and even today because of what it contains from ancient monuments that are important for all the three  religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

 the monastery contains :-

The relics of St. Catherine, who lived in Alexandria and  beheaded in the third century AD .

Moses well , where Moses  lived nearby when he fled from the Pharaoh of Egypt .

Holy tree(burning bush) through  which God spoke to Moses .

Church that was founded by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian which contains  old gifts from kings and princes from different eras .

 manuscripts, which is the second in importance to  the Vatican Library .

Fatimid mosque, which was built in the 11th century and is the only monastery in the whole world, which contains inside a mosque .

Garden and  many  trees fruit, medicinal herbs and  timber perennials trees from hundreds of years .

 In 2002 the UNESCO inserted Saint catherine area as a one of the  natural and humanity world heritage .


PICK UP TIME  at 06:00 o’clock and back  at 17:00 o’clock

 Every day except Friday and Sunday

what is included ?
Air conditioned vehicle  to the Monastery  & back to the hotel

Specialized Tuor Guide

Lunch at restaurant in Dahb city 


Free shopping tour in Dahb city

what is Excluded ?

Museum entrance Tickets(freewilling, about 3 $ per  Person)

Drinks at Restaurant in Dahb

What to take with?

Passport-camera-head cover at summer-comfortable shoes-appropriate clothes.( trouser wearing before getting in the monastery-shoulder scarf-heavy clothes at winter)

Breakfast box (should be ordered one night before from the hotel)

Price :- 40 $ per Person &  Price for child 120 $ (from 6:10 years

Tour Safety Measures during COVID-19

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